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What kind of radio?!

Ladies and gentlemen, let me start by saying, I’m taking a bit of a risk and re-opening a pub in SL. It’s ittybitty, on a 256 sq. m. parcel, and I get all of 116 prims to make it happen. But, what the hell, the rent is right, and if the pub doesn’t make tier on its own it can easily be covered by Clover. The name that keeps coming back to me is the Wee Little Irish Pub. You know: just what it says on the box.

Anywho, one of the important things a pub needs must have is a radio changer, and I found a one-prim dealie for pretty cheap. I didn’t end up keeping it, because I can’t program the radio stations in myself, and that’s crucial for when I have DJs and live acts. But while checking it out, I noticed the menu on it allowed me to select a genre. I clicked the closest I could find: Celtic. Shudder.

I had a problem with this for a few reasons. One, just the whole calling Trad music Celtic music. If you don’t know where I’m coming from on that, it’ll have to wait for another time. Second, the default station was LiveIreland, for whom I have no love (another story for another time). And third, and most interestingly, among the stations was a button labeled “Gorean radio”.

This is the part with the sound effect of the record being scratched to a sudden stop.


Is Gorean radio kinda like the fundie Christian radio stations? You know, with the fundie stations, you get really bad music with lyrics containing variations on “power and glory” “hallelujah” and “eternal life”; you get the awful call-in programs where they discuss the evils of the world and how it’s the fault of the Homosexual Agenda; and you get commercials for bibles and icons and whatever other sort of Jesus gear one might need.

So that’s what I’m envisioning the Gorean station (which wasn’t coming in, so I got no actual data for ya) might be like. You get really bad music with lyrics containing variations on “rape is love” (I hear “I Only Got Shackles For You” is climbing the charts…); then you get call-in programs where they discuss the evils of the world and how it’s the fault of the Feminist Agenda; then you get commercials for collars and silks and whatever other sort of Gor gear one might need. My hubby adds that they probably also have a stand-up comedy hour where they tell jokes like “What do you tell a woman with two black eyes?*” They tried “Who’s Got the Silliest Thing Under Their Silks” but it didn’t translate to radio well.

Anywho. I got a different radio changer, one I can program myself, so it’s all good.

We had an impromptu party today while I was in the process of building, and was especially surprised to see Grimley Graves in all his undead glory. He does a mean Thriller dance, not surprisingly. Greythistle Twine spun some tunes and his lady Cate had a good chimera for us to dance on. And rounding out the group was Cern, who looked happy and comfy in his red kilt and bare feet.

I totally don’t have a SLURL to the new place yet, which is just as well because I’m not officially ready to open yet. But, the Wee Little Irish Pub. And yes, folks: Bridget is back on the clock.

*You don’t want to know the punchline to this one. Honestly you don’t.



4 thoughts on “What kind of radio?!

  1. I am so out of the loop, but once you can narrow the location down, myself and my Mrs would love to attend provided it’s not when Jerry Springer is on of course.

    This Gor radio thing on the other hand, I am somehow fascinated. I can see NIN and “I Want to *&$&# you like an animal” but filling the other 23:54 of airtime seems like such a challenge.

    Anyway, real or imagined. Please include us on any opening announcements. Seen you on two grids now and it silly to stop now.

    1. Well said well said, heh. I’ll make up an announcment group once I get my ass in gear and send you an invite, plus I’ll send you a LM.

      There is a TV in the place but I don’t think it gets Springer. Not unless Treet broadcasts it now.

  2. From what I have learned about Gor, it’s really comprehensive when it comes to just about everything. Most of it is heavily inspired be Medieval and ancient cultures when it comes to dress and such, but it does indeed have it’s own music, which, if I understand correctly, is heavily Persian inspired. Chances are, you’d hear some Persian or arabic instrumental music.

    1. One thing that I’ve got to hand to Gor, and that is their richly detailed canon. It makes it very easy for RPers to know what to do, where to go, and where to fit in; all aspects from fashion to food to language are available for any RPer to know. The same can be said of lots of RP settings that follow novels or movies; this particular one just happens to have that extra titilating “edge” to it.

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