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You all deserve better…

I’d forgotten the rule when it comes to new ISPs: add a week.

Between there and here I was able to piggyback a wee bit from the neighbors; I even got Clover logged on once or twice to take care of rent and such.

It’s increasingly likely that I won’t be back at Open Life. I feel, however, like the friends I’ve made there deserve better than how I’ve been behaving lately, including before the planned disappearance for moving. I don’t know how to explain it other than to say, I just don’t love Open Life. I’d hoped I would grow to but I just don’t. I don’t love Second Life either but at least I’m making money there, and there’s the familiarity factor. Right or wrong, it’s what I know. I think the loyalty shown by the people who do love OL are really what will make the difference between success and failure for the grid. And, who knows, another year from now, when even more is working according to Sakai’s plan, I may stick my head in again.

What I love best about OL is the building. You can build with much more freedom of prims than you can in SL. I could build that manorhouse I’d always dreamed of, and still have primmage for pubs and shops. But it’s too discouraging to want to invest my all into something that likely won’t last, due to new and radical changes on the horizon for OL. There’s also, I’ve learned, something very satisfying about “If I can’t have it now, I’ll earn it later.” It’s more satisfying even than “I can do everything I want RIGHT NOW.” So my plan is to save up and later earn that pub and/or household in SL. Also, Digi, I owe you back rent and I’ll make that right within the next couple days.

Shai, thank you especially for believing in me enough to trust me with something as huge as a whole sim so early on. It didn’t go the way either of us planned but I think it was important for both of us to have undertaken. In times of confusion and turmoil, I never had any doubt of my trust in you as a friend; I still don’t. I hope we can continue to share gossip from each other’s worlds.

Digi, my first landlord and one hell of a sim owner, thank you for making me feel welcome in OL by way of the help center in Danaus, your patience when I deleted your shop building on the first parcel I rented (d’oh!), and your enthusiasm in events. Anyone who acquires a sim, in that grid or another, would do well to look to Digi’s example of what sim ownership can and should be.

Freyja, the second most humanitarian elf I know 😉 , your generous heart and creative mind have restored my faith in the elven race. Once upon a time I saw too many of my own kindred as aloof, haughty, or otherwise unpleasant; you, however, are a great opposite of all these things. May generations of our people gain from your example.

Cheops, your building skills are phenomenal, your patience nearly boundless. I’ve watched you take a complete newbie on their first day inworld and transform them from duck-walking “Ruth” to stunning individual avatar in a matter of minutes, for nothing in return but the joy of helping to make someone’s virtual life easier. Your enthusiasm is contageous; may it never wane.

Pants, I could easily say the same for you. In the short time that we were neighbors, your builds took my breath away, and were so immersive that I feared the mere sight of them would distract from my own works. I envy your vision. When I think of you, the U2 song “Elevation” always comes into my mind.

Grim, a fine RPer, creator, and voice for peace in the midst of conflict. Were the OL community a ship, you would be its rudder. The most even-tempered zombie one could ever hope to know. Thank you for not eating my brains. 😉

So many of you have been kind and helpful while I was there; far too many to name, but I can at least try: Lion, Trista, Casi, Maggie, Lexi, Caro, Chenoa, Tom, Adec, Surreal, Gert, Sparrow… if I forget to name anyone, please accept my sincerest apologies for absentmindedness on my part. Each of you, in big ways or little ways, made an impression on me while I was there, and I appreciate it more than I can say.

Some of you I hope to catch in SL, if and when you’re around. For example, Cate, I still look forward to sailing on Tuesdays. Others I know are on Skype, and I have emails. There’s always here and Twitter for comments and for checking in to see how each other is doing. You guys are what I’ll miss about OL. Be well and I wish absolutely nothing but the best for you all.




2 thoughts on “You all deserve better…

  1. Oops no edit function here? :-)))
    I wanted to say………..

    Be well and sell well in SL, Mistle, I wish you all the best there.

    Come back to our community which you loved once enthusiastically when you feel like it.

    I enjoyed your spirit, your creations, your input to OL very much, but am not the one who wants to influence another ones decision too much.

    Take care,

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