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Yeah, it’s kind of like that.

Say you have a relationship with someone for like a year and a half and you keep putting up with their crap until one day you say, enough is enough, I’m breaking up with you. So, you break up with them, and you start seeing someone else like right away. And there’s a bit of a honeymoon phase but soon you realize that even though the rebound person is really nice and sweet and all, you’re just not feeling it. No fault of theirs; you’re just not that into them. Meanwhile your ex keeps calling and promising to change and so you give in and see them for a cup of coffee. And before too long you start remembering all the things you miss about your ex and despite all your best judgment you start seeing them again. But then before too long, your ex starts doing the stuff that really used to piss you off before.

Seriously, SL. Stop fucking crashing.




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