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My favorite n00b comeuppance moment…

[13:48] Clover Windlow: ((OOC)) Ok funny storry.
[13:48] Clover Windlow: I-as-Mistletoe am making the rounds in Northfarthing
[13:49] Clover Windlow: and a couple of noobs have let themselves into [name]’s castle and were helping themselves to her bed
[13:49] Clover Windlow: so I ride up under the window and hear that they are in fact speaking Italian
[13:49] Clover Windlow: so I throw on a translator and tell them they have 10 seconds to get the hell out of the private house
[13:49] Clover Windlow: They totally ignore me of course
[13:50] Clover Windlow: So I kicked just her
[13:50] [redacted]: lol
[13:50] Clover Windlow: and since I had the translator on I could tell he said
[13:50] Clover Windlow: “Oh, yes, so beautiful… where did you go?”
[13:50] [redacted]: lol
[13:50] Clover Windlow: by this time the sim owner is there too, so he’s hearing this all
[13:50] Clover Windlow: now if there is any kind of benevolent SL god
[13:50] [redacted]: oh dear, that’s a good one
[13:51] Clover Windlow: then I kicked her to a newbie infohub
[13:51] Clover Windlow: where she arrived, nekkid as a jaybird, dryhumping the air
[13:51] Clover Windlow: I don’t know if that’s where she went but I like to imagine it that way
[13:51] [redacted]: *evil snigger*
[13:51] Clover Windlow: Some noob walking around “Where cna I to get teh sexxx?” *poof*
[13:52] Clover Windlow: “Best game ever!!!”
[13:52] Clover Windlow: lmao
[13:52] Clover Windlow: I says to the sim owner, hey boss, I learned the Italian word for cock, wanna know what it is?
[13:52] Clover Windlow: so now here’s the guy, his gf gone
[13:53] Clover Windlow: authorities outside, mocking him
[13:53] Clover Windlow: He disappears in a hurry
[13:54] Clover Windlow: never saw them again
[13:54] Clover Windlow: Christ I miss that sim



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