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“Have you been sick?”

How you know you’ve been out of touch too much or too long: someone asks you that.

I like lots of the people I’ve met on OL. I love building there, too; I finally have the family manor-house I’ve always wanted, but never had the money and prim allowance to make in SL.

Both RL and getting my SL business back on track have been kicking my butt. In RL, I’m gearing up to move about 130 miles away at the end of the month (which is rapidly approaching). In SL, I’ve been busily getting Clover’s Kitchen to a point where I don’t have to focus so much time on it. That includes re-LMing ALL of my products, swapping out servers, not to mention making new products.

Add to that the fact that big huge changes are in the works for OL. For the better, I’m sure, but it sounds more and more like the things I’ve built and made there (including the AT LAST manor… maybe that’s what I should call it in fact…) are going to be obsolete before too long. It’s hard to want to go and enjoy and get attached to what won’t even be there. And that big weekend-long update, I’m sorry, looks like a step backward to me. Suddenly we have to tweak and work-around things that used to work just fine. I’m really trying to maintain my faith in OL because I very much like the people I know and I really like my build and having so much room to be creative.

And, the things that piss me off about SL haven’t gone away. I still refuse to do business on XStreet, for example, or even give them a dime. If I see something I want on XStreet, I go to the seller’s inworld place and buy it there. But for all its faults, SL can be counted on to be there tomorrow or next month or in a year. And, even though they keep a chunk of it for themselves, I can still actually make money there. That is and always has been the biggest appeal of it for me. It was that fact alone that made the difference between “I don’t have time for something like that” and “What the hell, I’ll see what it’s like.”

Uncertainty, you’ve heard me say it before, is something I do not like at all. And it’s the biggest turn-off about OL. I just don’t know what it will be like next week or next month.

So I dunno. I guess lately I’ve been bi-gridual.




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