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So many kinds of pissed.

I might just give up on OL altogether. Yeah, I know, here comes the fuckload of vulture comments. Fucking save them, I don’t want to play in your grid either.

Tomorrow’s my last day at my RL job, and my RL boss has decided to take the opportunity to maintain control over me one last time by sticking me on a shift that A) I’ve said I’m unavailable for from the get-go, and B) nobody’s available to cover. Add to that the fact that I was GOING to play a gig tomorrow, or at least attempt to, as much as my damn hands have been hurting. Believe me, there’s a huge number of things I’d RATHER be doing than working this lame ass shift; and playing music in my living room is HIGH on that list.

So, forgive me, Mr. Event Planner, if my being unavailable because of RL is messing up your event, and that that’s the biggest problem you got. Spare me the passive-aggressive bullshit.* Suck it up and deal; that’s what I’m trying to do.

*I got plenty for the both of us.

Real life comes first. That’s just the way it is.

Also, I’m not going to play for you in the future either.




2 thoughts on “So many kinds of pissed.

  1. omg, so sorry to hear about RL job, and it kicking you in the ass. it does come first, and you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for RL happening especially when it is not exactly fun happy time to begin with.

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