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“Plus Ça Change…”

“Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose. Plus c’est la même chose, plus ça change.” –French, “The more that changes, the more that stays the same. The more that stays the same, the more changes.”

I’ve closed up the western goods shop in OL, though I do still have a small location in Talian. I’ve also closed up Creek. Just not time yet.

I’ve rented a parcel in Merina, high above which I’m building a tiny quaint village. It includes the manor house I’ve always wanted but never had primmage for, a small pub, a couple small shop buildings, and some trees and fountains and pretties. The whole to-do is 4096 sq. m. The manor house is going to have a kind of Norman castle look about it, with some timbers and some wonderful “bumpitty” stone edging at the top wall. The dining hall has arched alcoves in the wall and a grand fireplace. There’ll be stained-glass windows with Celtic designs, torches, tapestries, all that good stuff. I still have some 800 prims left to play with. The pub will be called “An Réalta Thuaidh”, meaning the North Star, and have plenty room for a dance floor and a stage. The varied shopfronts will give a good venue for the varied items I make. One for clothes, one for household goods, etc.

Pics forthcoming.

For the first time in ages I was excited about building, without being overwhelmed by scale. I know it sounds appealing to have a whole region to play with, but I have to admit, having experienced it, I have more fun with a tinier workspace. It may not be logical but there it is. I had a hard time tearing myself away from doing “just one more thing” on my parcel tonight.

Also, Clover’s Kitchen is making a reappearance in SL. There are a few items now in the Role Play Market sim (see the Medieval/Renaissance section, third floor), and before long at least one officially authorized vendor will have pretty near all 150 of Clover’s items available. Will Clover make some brand new items? Probably. I just can’t say when.

So, there’s the news for now. I have got to get some sleep now.




2 thoughts on ““Plus Ça Change…”

  1. Does this mean you’ll be in SL on occasion? There has been much hilarity at Grizzy’s that I have been wishing you’d been around for.

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