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Can you go back home again?

So. Had a look at Northfarthing. Or at least the sea around said, in the bottom of which I rezzed, where once the inn stood.

That’s done, then.

So I’m wondering if the time has come to put Mistletoe Creek on the back burner, before people start moving in and getting attached to it. I haven’t had time to log into OL at all, let alone do anything with the sim. And I just don’t have the love for it I expected I would. And OL is still very much Beta, and I don’t know if I’m in a Beta mindset just now. There’s all these changes coming and I hate the idea of making an investment of time and energy to just have to start all over again. Not that I’ve had time to invest.

It may be the mood I’m in for the time being, I don’t know.

I’ll probably be more eloquent when I’m better rested.




2 thoughts on “Can you go back home again?

  1. Oh, lumme. That’s so sad.

    I went to an event a few weeks back – held in a sim that was supposed to be Western, but had medieval stuff, too – and they had the exact same inn.

    It was a very weird sensation, very much like deja vu.

    I’m monitoring my land while on vacation… at the moment it appears that a good fraction of my home region is up for sale, some at a surprisingly high price, and some at a surprisingly low price. ’twill be interesting to see if any of the sellers bother to check “average land price per square meter” match on the back of an envelope.

  2. I think Home is a place you can always go back to. Otherwise, it isn’t home. 🙂

    (not that I have any selfish reasons for wanting you around *whistles innocently*)

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