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Things I Miss

I have to admit it, there are a couple of things I miss. I mean, even more than I miss knitting and having more time chatting and building stuff.

For one thing, I miss making food.

Food and drink were something I started making in SL as a fun hobby, just to see if I could. I liked the art of it, of making something look convincing and delicious yet at the same time prim-efficient. I liked that people were, well, eating it up. And that brings me to the other thing:

I miss making money.

Call me mercenary, call me what you will, but when I first heard of SL my immediate thought was, “Yeah, I’d NEVER have time for that.” Then I learned that you could actually cash the currency in for real money. I thought, hell, I made clothing and furniture back in Sims2, why not see if I could get some actual cash for it? And while it’s true that I didn’t exactly fund a vacation to Hawaii or anything, after a year’s time, I was pulling in actual cash.

I closed Clover’s Kitchen at the top of its game, when it was only getting bigger and better. I quit while I was (at last) ahead.

And yes, the fact that I think LL are a bunch of dishonest, greedy bastards hasn’t changed. The thought of giving them a cut of my earnings twice over to list at XStreet, for example, still makes me cringe.

But, just for the record, I miss Clover’s Kitchen. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.




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