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That’s creepy all right!

OK. There are people who are (in my opinion, unreasonably) creeped out by kid avatars. But I do think that there are some such avatars who are guilty of contributing to that creep factor. They’re the ones who look like this:

(P.S.: Don’t read the comments. They’ll eat your brains.)

So if I could offer one bit of advice to people who have or are thinking of creating child avatars, it’s this: don’t make them look like pageant kids. That’s more creepy than most normal minds can bear. Try and make your kids look like kids. Not whores.



3 thoughts on “That’s creepy all right!

  1. I cannot for the life of me understand why anyone in their right mind would want to make their little girls look as ugly as this.

    It’s got to be some sort of abuse – of common sense and good taste if nothing else.

    When I first glanced at this pic I thought it was a bad photoshop “put the face on the body” job.

    And I agree, pageant kid avatars are about as wrong as the rl ones.


  2. ::screams with fear at the picture::

    You know I am with you on this. Why, I can remember one embarrassing evening at a lovely little Irish pub that became flooded with child avatars that all looked like little tarts, and had terrible manners. (*sigh*) That was a big clusterfuck of everything a child avatar can do wrong.

    Just say no to bling pacifiers! Especially if you’re supposed to be 7.

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