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Things I’ve Never Done

So there’s a newish post at the SL Revolution (or as Hawks calls it, “The Rev”; ’cause all the cool kids have abbreviations. I’m not going to start calling my blog LITDF because it’s way less cool and I never claimed to be one of the cool kids anyway), listing 20 things the poster has never done [link] in SL. After reading it over and going “done it, done it, do it all the time…” I decided I’d give such a list a go. Considering my being an immigrant into a different country, I’m going to broaden mine a bit to be 20 things I’ve never done in a virtual world. Some of them I hope to get to, some I never wish to attempt.

1. I’ve never made a pose or animation.
2. I don’t think I’ve ever NOT had some kind of business going.
3. I’ve never owned my own sim.
4. I’ve (also, like the original list author) never met anyone in person that I’ve met in a virtual world.
5. I’ve never been in a Gorean RP sim (except to shop, and that very briefly).

6. I’ve never had a female avatar who was an escort in a virtual world (you notice the gender specification…)
7. I’ve never cheated on my RL spouse with anyone in a virtual world (by which I mean actively practiced to deceive him in any way. He knows all.).
8. I’ve never tried anything sexual in a virtual world that I haven’t done in RL, with the exception of having a partner other than my husband.
9. I’ve never been a neko (that I can recall).
10. I’ve never been a vampire (that I can recall).
11. I’ve never been lambasted in a fug blog (that I know of)
12. I’ve never owned prim feet, prim tits, or a prim ass. I do however have prim ears.
13. I’ve never passed off ripped content as my own.
14. I’ve never been interviewed for a SL or OL related podcast.
15. I’ve never organized a grid-wide hunt.
16. I’ve never invented anything in a virtual world that made me thousands of dollars (or more).
17. I’ve never owned/rented a bot avatar.
18. I’ve never shot/produced my own machinima in a virtual world.
19. I’ve never won the Linden Prize.
20. I’ve never owned a talking tummy; not even an “evil” one for the purpose of mockery.

So there you are. See the original post, and maybe see if there’s a list of 20 things you haven’t done either.




7 thoughts on “Things I’ve Never Done

  1. After reading your blog, I’ve figured out a way that you can win the Linden Prize. First, buy your own Gorean sim and set up a business with rented bot avatars to sell ripped-off, modified talking tummy animations for female neko vampire escorts with prim tails (with whom you can have sex–but don’t tell your RL spouse) and earn thousands of dollars. Then organize a grid-wide hunt centered on your sim and film a machinima of the whole thing, give a couple of podcast interviews in promotion of the machinima and get invited to SLCC2010 where you can meet all your virtual friends in RL. Of course, you’ll ultimately get lambasted in a fug blog but that’s the price you pay for accomplishing all twenty things you’ve never done….

    Just a thought.

    The “Weird Al” of Second Life

  2. Nice list.

    I attempted to broaden my mono-grid orientation to bi-grid and visit your establishment, but a look at myself to ensure I was presentable saw not the normal sexy Adric, but a noob dragged around in human waste with an odd body shape and broom hair.

    I went shopping but due to my inability to know the credit card option is of course on the Pay Pal page I did not see it and went the slow boat. I was then accosted by someone (cheepy ,etc) who doesn’t know the ways of the other grid are to ignore or grief others so I left after a few scary minutes when she did not attack.

    May return one day with my credits. May not.

    1. Was it Cate? She said she met a new person today just before things got screwy at the grid today.

      I saw you briefly on my radar during Merina’s weekly Irish Music Night. I’d have shot you a message but IMs were disabled today. In fact today was a really shitty day for the grid, technically speaking, but we still had a pretty successful event. Maybe I’ll see you next week, who knows?

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