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Self-Serving “Impending New Year” Post

So I guess it’s traditional this time of year to do a review of the past year/resolutions and or predictions for next year post.

Well, first thing, let’s have a look at the resolutions I made for the past year, and see how I did with keeping them.

1. Clean out my inventory. Yeah. Didn’t really do that.
2. Really optimize my businesses. Well… I closed down one of them altogether later in the year. I opened then closed another one or two besides. But the one that didn’t burn, fall down, then sink into the swamp went very well. I had things running very efficiently and was actually MAKING money.
3. “Speaking of alts…” Retire Liam from manwhoring: check. Optimize Clover’s business: check, see above. No more multi-clienting if it can be helped: not so much.
4. Get that stream up and running and play music again: check. Till we stopped. I do still have a stream, and I pay for it outside of SL.
5. Avoid drama. Yeah, you know, I think I’m not doing too badly with that one.
6. Nurture beneficial online relationships. That’s kind of a toss-up… how’m I doin’, guys? I guess if I have to ask, I could be doing better with that.
7. Budget my time more wisely. Took me a while, but, check.
8. I mentioned the inventory, right? Yes. And it still didn’t help.
9. Try to encourage others to contribute. OMG I put 20 years onto my age (and that’s human years, not elf years) doing that before finally realizing that it’s totally unnecessary. I went instead to a place where people already DO contribute.
10. Seduce… oh too funny.

OK, moving on to the year in review:
January: The year started with my having two IFB’s; one of just over a year and one kind of accidental. Both of those relationships ended in January.

Hotlanta Blues, DonPaul’s blues club in the skies above Northfarthing, opened on the 4th with a live show by Noma Falta. We had a week-long murder mystery event, which was won by Greythistle Twine.

Overwhelmed by stress later in the month, I took a couple days off from SL.

I made Princess in Tiny Empires.

February saw both a Pirate party and a fundraiser auction in Northfarthing. A renewed sense of community led to the planning of a Spring Festival for March and both events raised Ls for said. An Entertainment Fund was set up.

I had what would not be the first nor last rant about lack of community involvment.

I met Teleny. He and PJ and I went surfing together.

I wrote my all-time favorite rant.

In March, I wrapped up my participation as a merchant in the Greatest Love Hunt, and took on (as a hunter) the Twisted hunt.

I made a child avatar alt named Petal on the 16th.

DonPaul’s birthday (observed)… sans DonPaul. I planned a surprise party for the night before his actual birthday and because it was a surprise I wasn’t able to see if he’d actually be inworld. Whoops. We still had a great time.

The Spring Festival, on the 21 (DonPaul’s birthday – actual), was a roaring success. The high from it made me temporarily forget the stresses of it; in fact I was on such I high I wrote a couple articles on successful event planning.

One word: Zindra. And eeeeeverything that came with it.

Also, Earth Hour, and lessons on suffering fools.

With the arrival of April I decided to not continue planning the May Day event, citing lack of funds.

I made my first commissioned building: a castle.

We were approached for a gig and booked a date, and were told the day before the event that they weren’t going to pay us. I ranted.

I built the Tower of Exile, a building that would play a major part starting the first of…

May. OMG we had RPing for the first time in months in Northfarthing. I got in touch with my evil side and did not like it. Secret crush? Not so much, anymore. Of course I was the last person to think it was any kind of secret.

I opened–and not long later, closed–a Northfarthing group blog.

As the RP/hunt event wrapped up, some things got said that really pissed me off, mostly because they were right on the money. This made me introspective almost to the level of paranoia. I barely mention it in my blog, but do say, ” Something happened recently and I was feeling especially vulnerable, even embarrassed, and I was just in no mood for infantile humor…”

My friend Fizz from Puzzle Pirates came into SL.

I wrote my most frequently referred to article (aside from the inexplicable houppelande listing) to date.

I met Eacen and Corinda.

Atheene Dodonpa performed live in Northfarthing on the 22nd.

I was burning out again.

In early June I built a newsstand in honor of the 45th anniversary of D-Day. We played a live show at Grizzy’s Cafe that yielded an adorable virtual LOLcat picture (shot by Lelani Carver and captioned by me).

I was really burning out. I closed my garb business less than a week before the Midsummer Festival. The latter was marginally successful. I, however, was a wreck.

So come July, I forced myself to take some time off. I came back as bitter and overwhelmed as everr. A large event that was being planned for late summer got redefined and later scrapped altogether. I took a break and went dancing with DonPaul, something that I scarce ever did anymore, and now that I reflect, haven’t done since.

In August was PJ’s wedding. It unfortunately didn’t end up working out, down the line, but that particular day was very lovely.

I began holding fencing practices in Northfarthing. Grey made Provost in no time, being the most formidable opponent I’ve met (except that one time that the #1 ranked fencer on the grid cleaned my clock; that wasn’t “formidable opponent” so much as “ass whooping”).

I got rid of the Sion chickens, a short-lived hobby interest.

In September I had a smack-in-the face moment, when I read a lengthy article about a woman whose emotional attachments within SL had likely lead to her RL death. She had an autoimmune disease and was taking heart medications; she had stopped taking them at the time of her passing. This was a wakeup call when I realized that if I didn’t take some kind of control over myself, it could just as easily be me.

Cat Agus Cu stopped playing live in SL. This was mostly spurred on by flagging interest from listeners.

Then, in a move that surprised many (myself included) I took leave of Northfarthing itself. I wrote an emotional letter of farewell, which explained very little. I got a new parcel of land and began to write a new chapter in my Second Life. I opened a new main store for Clover’s Kitchen, and with a little leftover space, built a wee pub called the Cat and Dog.

Meanwhile, my good friend PJ made her SL debut as a burlesque dancer. Night one was rough, but before long she was well in her element. She’s still happily doing it now.

October was rough, especially in RL. Our RL financial problems had us wondering if we’d still be in the same home through the winter. This had me depressed and missing the good old days, but I was finding moments of real joy with events at the Cat and Dog.

My RL situation has been nothing shy of miserable lately. And the more that happens the more seductive the fantasy world becomes…

November started off with a bang: I did a fireworks show for the Faery Crossing for Guy Fawkes Day.

Less than two weeks later I (as Clover) would get a survey from Linden Lab which was nothing more than a thinly-veiled plan for making more money at the expense of content creators.

And we just smile and eat the shit they spoon-feed us, because what other choice do we have?…What choice, indeed?

After sleeping on it, I came to the decision to break up with SL in a “Dear John” letter. A day or two later would come the “Roadmap to managing freebies” at XStreet, proving that LL did not in fact piss me off for the last time with their survey.

SL is a hard habit to kick, and I look up to you for kicking it, right in its blotchy, festering arse. –C. Rasmuson

And so began my foray into OpenLife. I’d had an avatar from a year previous that I had forgotten about up until then. Inspired by the Old West, I became interested in my own themed sim, and opened up a shop to help finance that future possibility.

Mistletoe Creek Outfitters made its first sale on the 25th.

Early in December the Cat and Dog hosted my farewell to SL party. Aside from a momentary crash of the region, the night went very well.

I’m going to miss the good times, but I look forward to the future, and creating more good times to come. You’ll always be in my heart.

I cashed out all of my SecondLife’s savings, totalling about $160 USD. I officially left SL with more than I put in.

I spent the remainder of the month building and exploring the new world of OpenLife, and making new friendships there.

So there’s last year. What do I foresee for the coming year?

1. Save up Credits for this February. That’s an announcement couched in a resolution. I’ll be opening up a Western RP sim in OpenLife the first of February!

2. Learn to Sculpt. I’m starting to get some of the basics down already, but I have a long way to go.

3. Get a decent RL job. Cross your fingers and your toes for me, guys. Things can only look up after last year, right?

4. Maybe cut back on the gossip. Yeah, that sounds really committed right there. Not to mention sincere.

5. Enjoy all this free time! I have tons less to stress about than I did a year ago. May I really take what I’ve learned to heart.



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