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Yesterday’s Party

I’m thinking yesterday’s party at Virtually Live will be one of those events that will be looked upon later in OpenLife’s history, where oldbies will say, “I was at that party in ’09!”

We had 30 people in the sim at one time. The band made over a month’s rent in tips for playing half an hour. There were presents and music and sploder fun and Father Christmas. It was the kind of event that the word “epic” was made for.

Surreal, Adec, Digi: what an ass-kicking time. It showed what we’re really capable of doing in OL, and the future looks like 100% organic free-range AWESOME.




2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Party

  1. And I was stuck at a Hanukkah party (Rock’s side of the family) eating the MOST HORRIBLE ‘ORRIBLE LATKES EVER.

    At one point, I was sorely tempted to check for an iPhone link to OL.

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