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Ranty Elf is ranty

SL Revolution, I’m disappointed. I’ve waited for almost an entire month for a new post from you guys, and what do I finally get? A fashion post?! If I wanted boring crap like that I’d read IHeartSL or some other lameass blog. I read SLR for thought-provoking, interesting, relevant, and timely articles which often lead to interesting debate. OK, that, and, funny shit like “Life by XCite”.

Seriously, “oooh, lookit what I bought!” posts bore the bejeezus out of me.

Prad, Hawksrock, you guys: get crackin’, chop chop. My brain’s getting cabin fever here. I have SLR in my blogroll under “Good Reading” for a reason. Don’t be making a liar out of me now.




2 thoughts on “Ranty Elf is ranty

  1. I appreciate the sentiment, and agree with you that the Rev was never really built or intended to be a fashion blog – but rather the antidote to the plethora of fashion blogs out there. I am personally taking a bit of an SL hiatus atm… so I haven’t been cracking on the writers to put stuff out there like I used to. I think this lil slap was a backhanded compliment, or at least I will continue to think that because I can. :p

    I appreciate your support of the Rev, and hope you continue to keep tabs on us. I have a little bit of an urge to put something out there, but at this point I am not promising anything yet.

    1. It was indeed meant as a backhanded compliment, heh. In fact I’m not sure how “backhanded” I meant it to be: your blog is awesome, that post sucked, back to the awesome now plz. And I surely appreciate taking time from SL (I myself have all but retired from it) and even that ticky app called RL dominating people’s time (especially over the past month or so; that seems to be when all the bugs and patches are happening at once).

      Thanks for visiting and even commenting on my little blog. I almost feel like one of the big kids ;).

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