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The Mistletoe Creek Sheriff’s Office

Mind you, I quintuple-checked the spelling of “Sheriff” to make absolutely certain I got it right! Here is one of very few stone buildings you’ll see in Mistletoe Creek: the Sheriff Office and local jail.

Click any photo to see larger.

The building has a footprint of just about 20×10 meters.

When you first come in, of course you can’t miss the iconic wanted posters. There aren’t very many because crime is so low in Mistletoe Creek. Especially since the town doesn’t exist yet.

A desk and oil lamp. I made the sculpts for the lamp myself.

One of the four cells. The bars are made of prims, not textures. This gives the building (with furniture and all) a total of 182 prims. I haven’t built doors yet; I prefer to add doors when the buildings are in place (and scripts are enabled).

And to top it all off, an American flag with 37 stars. This was the design of the flag from July 4, 1867 through July 3, 1877, made when Nebraska became the 37th state. A 38th star will be added in 1877, after Colorado becomes a state in 1876. I do my homework so you don’t have to.

So I hope you enjoyed this tour of the Sheriff’s Office and local jail. I think next I’ll begin on the town hall, which will house the Post Office.

Also, today, I created the Mistletoe Creek RP Group. I thought it would be wise to keep it separate from the shop group.




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