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Learning the stories

I’m getting more and more settled in here on the Frontier. I’ve gotten to know some neighbors and I think I can honestly say I’m forming friendships.

I’ve considered coming up with native-sounding names (a la Dances With Wolves) to describe some of the elders I’ve met. But I don’t know; Owns The Sim I Rent, Throws a Mean Festival, Knows His Scripting, and Gossips Just As Bad As Me just don’t have the same ring to them. They sound a bit, well, one-dimensional. And it makes me worry what name they’ll come up with for me (Pokes the Forums With Sticks? Only One In Chat? Too Many Alts?). Actually Too Many Alts is kind of cute.

I’m learning more and more about the history of the people of this land. I’m learning that whether you have tens of thousands of avatars or a half dozen, drama follows just the same. I just try to observe, learn, and stay out of trouble (while at the same time not taking any shit).

I won a pile of credits in a building contest on Saturday. I couldn’t be more chuffed, to borrow a word from my friends across the pond. There’s just no better word for it. I won enough credits to pay my parcel rent for 2 solid months (sorry, Owns the Sim, you’re stuck with me for at least as long…) and still have tons left over for uploading and such. Hell I may even shop. Or I’ll put them into savings toward having my own sim someday.

I’ve built a saloon and train depot for said someday sim, and now I’m working on a modest hotel. My friend Cate came up with the name for it: the Riverview has 4 little rooms and a small restaurant downstairs.

I’m teaching myself how to make sculpties. Tonight I made a simple rounded-edge cube in Sculptiepaint that I uploaded, to use for a cookstove I’m building. It kicks the butt of the one I’d been using. So I’m figuring it out, bit by bit. I got a way to go before I can start getting too fancy with them yet, but still.

Working on a new garment for the shop. Be looking for duster jackets in a variety of colors very soon.

All right, bedtime for this pioneer. Sweet dreams.




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