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The Queen of Diamonds (build in progress)

Just wanted to show off something I’m working on. As you saw on my map of my someday sim, the buildings can’t be too sprawling. So I’m making this saloon, the Queen of Diamonds, no bigger than 20x20m. Come along with me and I’ll give you a tour of what I’ve got so far.

Click each image to see larger.

I custom made the stained glass texture to go over the door. Himself says I may as well hang a bullseye overhead.

I put some of my saloon furniture (which is available at my shop by the way!) out to show where the bar would go in relation to the stage. Right next to the bar is a doorway which leads to a back room (more on that in a bit). I like the curved stage, which has two small backstage doors. One (which I’ll show you in a moment) goes to the same back area as the door beside the bar. The other goes to a small room in which I’ll put a little vanity and mirror.

When I make an out-of-tune piano, it will go between the back room door and stairwell.

Speaking of the stairwell, it’s a nice solid stairway with peach carpeting, to the far left of the entrance when you first walk in.

The upstairs opens to a gallery which will have a wooden rail added. After all, what’s a saloon without a rail to fall over?

I’m working on adding two modest rooms upstairs as well. The one directly in front will have access to the balcony (which you saw in the first picture).

Back downstairs, here’s the back room. It goes around a corner and comes to the stage.

Like so.

So, there you have it so far, the saloon that will one day be part of Mistletoe Creek.




4 thoughts on “The Queen of Diamonds (build in progress)

  1. Can’t find the clip I want, but 1985’s “Silverado” was a big sprawling gorgeous homage to the old fashioned Western. As such the bar fights and shootouts were loving re-creations of classic movie stunts and gags. Toward the end, Costner’s character stands in the door of the corner saloon, realizes bad guys are creeping up the streets on both sides, and he gleefully positions himself to take them both out at the same time, with a pair of fancy revolvers.

    The men’s costumes were gorgeous and dead smexy, you really should check it out for design ideas.

    Also, a collapsing card table and “bar fight” bottle would be fun for your saloon.

    1. Hee. I know JohnnyTreadLightly has a “barfight” bottle in SL (calls it something like “Stucky Really Pale Ale” or something to that effect).

      As to fancy revolvers, Greythistle Twine is all over that. He does some incredible work, have you seen?

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