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It’s quiet out here… Yup, too quiet…

This frontier is quiet and sometimes lonesome.

I’d gotten so used to making a routine of checking shop numbers and adding up data that I never realized just how much time it was taking up. Now that Clover’s Kitchen is closed it’s so much quieter in my inbox.

But, I’m getting lots done. Mistletoe Creek Outfitters is slowly growing its inventory, and damned if I haven’t figured out how to make prim hair. It’s not the best, which is why I don’t charge the most; but it is good, so I charge something. I’m especially wanting to have plenty of Stuff For Guys, so that’s been my focus lately.

I only have two alts so far, lol. One is the one I made for himself, of whom I posted a picture a few days ago. The other is an avatar I made over a year ago and nearly forgot about. I got both alts all dressed up and denoobified looking. Doc is the well-dressed intellectual; Liam is the rough-and-tumble cowboy (railway worker, actually).

Grey, a friend of mine who’s a jeweler, made what he calls man-jewelry: a pistol. And a really sweet looking one at that: a M1873 Peacekeeper. He told me I can do whatever I want with it, including resell it; so to show my gratitude I made him a head of hair similar to that in a photo I have of him, from the Old Country. So before too long, expect to see sidearms (even if just decorative) at the shop.

I’ll probably stop into said Old Country to disable group notices at some point. There’s still business unattended to back there; ends to tie up, boxes to close. There’s something left unsaid and I need to work up the courage for that. I also gotta set a new “home” location for all those alts.

So anyway, another quiet night under the stars.




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