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There’s a word for it all right.

Flouncing is the ancient art of leaving a board, community, blog or Internet forum in the most dramatic way possible.
Whereas normal people who are fed up with a discussion or debate simply leave, flouncers need eternal validation. Instead of simply logging off, they must announce that they are leaving. Flouncing usually occurs when a wanker realizes that other people on the planet hold differing views.

I was more than a little stunned to see a Tweet today, saying “Wow, there’s a word for this:” and a link to the definition of the word “flounce” (partly quoted above) in the Fandom Wank Wiki. I have reason to suspect it’s in response to the numerous “Fuck this, I’m leaving” posts (of which there is a growing number) made at the SecondLife blogs; after all, the Tweet was made by a Linden. But what stunned me was that it came from the one Linden I really admire, the one known for his kind-hearted patience, proactive manner, and not taking things personally. I mean I know the guy is only human, but still. It caught me off-guard.

People have a right to be pissed off and frustrated. I know I am. I know lots of people are. To reduce the frustration and the expression of it to a mere Fandom Wank term is like saying we don’t have the right to be angry, that only “wankers” would do something like this.

Many of us feel like we’ve been ignored or disregarded for a long time, and when we reach the point to where we shout “GOD DAMN IT YOU’RE NOT LISTENING TO ME! I GIVE UP!” it’s insult to injury to be waved off as less than valid. I for one try to limit my frustrations to my own blog (this one here with my name at the top) but it’s to be expected that people will not necessarily do the same themselves.

To think that people don’t have the right to be frustrated or to express it because they have no reason? There’s a word for that too.




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