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Don’t know if you’ve seen it yet…

But I’ve decided to make a blog for my OL shop after all.

Looks like I picked the right time to get the hell out of Dodge*. I’d made this decision before the XStreet “roadmap” was announced; this just confirms that it’s the right time.

*I got a million of ’em. Hope you’re not sick of them yet.

Preparations are underway for the Farewell party at the Cat And Dog. On 12/2 at 1PM SLT, Funky Feats will join us for a last dance for 2 hours. Then at 4PM SLT, Cat Agus Cu will perform a farewell show. We may, after that, have a DJ’ed “hoedown” in honor of the new frontier I’m moving to, depending on if the DJ is available. So if you have cowboy/western/pioneer type clothes, you’re encouraged to dress up in them for the occasion.

I followed himself’s advice and cashed out most of my Ls now, before the end of the month. Just over $80 USD worth so far. Not half bad.




One thought on “Don’t know if you’ve seen it yet…

  1. It may (or may not) distress persons other than myself, that Real Life (that third and least liked Life game) is going to keep me from the farewell bash. I send my regrets, and wish you well.

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