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The Unrezzed Kid

Here I am, in an outfit I built myself, in front of the wagon I built myself, wearing a hat I built myself. I copied my shape measurements number-by-number from that other place.

Some more exploring has turned up an Irish-themed sim with rental space available for ridiculously low. Unfortunately the lag is unbelievable; I did the “rubber band” walk every few steps. I don’t know if it was the usual to-be-expected sim performance or just an off night. At any rate, I may have found a place to set up shop and start earning a few credits. Also, the sim has *fanfare* an Irish pub!! A fine reminder of the Old Country; I shall have to see about playing there.

The plan is to get a steady flow of Credits (that’s the local currency) here, build in my off-time, and in a few months settle Mistletoe Creek properly. In the meantime it’s explore, meet, build, experiment, and invite my friends over.




5 thoughts on “The Unrezzed Kid

  1. My research indicates that the Rubber Band Walk is the walk of choice in Open Life. SL isn’t much better, if the sim is popular. Things are quite smooth at Castle Viper, considering there are no other people beside myself to gum things up. Namewise, what about Fort Ethaniel? Or Fort Ethanol?

  2. Just wanted to say something…. I’ve stayed away from wordpress for quite sometime and it was Daisy who told me you were leaving SL… I wasn’t sure what to think about it… I know you were not happy in SL but after a while… who is…

    It leaves an empty space inside to know that you are no longer going to be in the grid… you WERE and ALWAYS WILL BE northfarthing for me. I’ve been there several times since you’ve left and I have to say that it seems much darker there without you, Clover and Pedal. I talk to DP every now and again about NF…. but it will never be the same as it was once.

    Knowing how you love adventure and new things… I’m glad you’ve found yourself a place and I’m sure you will become very important to lots of people there as you have to lots of people here. I, for one, will never ever forget you. I wish you all the luck of those crazy people that came from the green isle (as mine did in the 1880s). And I wish you well in OL and I hope it goes well for you and yours…. say hello to Clover and Pedal for me.

    Speaking of Clover… Daisy and I visited her shop and your tavern a while back and we did so again yesterday. We bought up some stuff (me mostly kegs for my new tavern/brewery) and went nextdoor to the tavern where I stood on your stage shouting out Shakespear… Daisy thought it was funny and I’m sure took some pics… I was half hoping to walk in your tavern and see you standing there so I could say hello.

    Well… I guess that is all for now. Peace to you Mistletoe…. on the dark and the light paths… hopefully in OL you will only find the light ones.

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