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The Content Creator (song)

(c) 2009 L. Foster
Tune: “The Moonshiner”, Irish Traditional

I’m a builder, I’m a scripter
I’m a performer too
This whole grid was built
by the things that we do
(I’m) done lining your pockets
With my hard-earned cash
It’s off to a new grid
Where I’ll rez till I crash

I’ve been an SL-er for over a year
I’ve made stuff from clothing to houses to beer
I pay for uploading, I pay when I sell
I pay for my land and to cash out as well


I’m taking my talents to a new count-er-y
I’ll sell all my lindens and go on a spree
I’ll get my own region for a quarter the price
And with triple the prims it’ll surely be nice


Oh Lindens, oh Lindens, how did I love thee
But you’ll never rest till you take all from me
So bless content makers and buyers of goods,
For you ne’er more will see me in this neighborhood!




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