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Where I Go From Here

In the 19th Century, my ancestors (on my paternal grandfather’s side) were miserable. They were literally being taxed to death by greedy landowners, who left them little to eat but potatoes, and not very many at that. When a blight damaged most of the potatoes, their countrymen went hungry and many died.

But many others, including my grandfather’s grandfather and his family, said enough was enough. They got on a ship out of Cork harbor, bound for the new world. In this time the west was wild, and a lot of unknown, unsettled territory lay before them.

On a much, much smaller scale, I feel a bit like they must have. I’ll get lonely and long for my “old country” from time to time I’m sure, but I know in my heart that this new voyage can only be to a better way of life. In fact I’m likely to write to my countrymen and ask them to come along with me.

This wild new frontier of which I speak is OpenLife. Where land is cheap, prims are huge, and there’s no bloody Linden Lab and their greed to get in the way.

Inspired by this analogy, I want to build a wild west frontier town. Call it something appropriate, like “Independence” or “Freedom” or “Fuck You LL”. I’m open for suggestions for names. When I can get this land I’m not sure, but at $75/month for a region with 45,000 prims, it will be a helluvalot sooner than the day I buy any in SL, that’s for damn sure.

To my dear friends that I made in SL, I invite you to come and visit me. I go by the exact same name there as I did in SL. In fact, hell, if you share my vision of a western town in this wild frontier, maybe we can go in on it together. If you’re not prepared to do that, I do understand. Know however that this blog will remain here. It’ll just evolve is all.




6 thoughts on “Where I Go From Here

  1. My sister thinks that “Fort Fungus” is a hilarious name for a frontier town. I do love her dearly, even though she’s an idiot. I was under the impression that Open Life did not work on Macs, but I’ve never tried it, SL is confusing enough.

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