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*Too Much Serious* Claims Another Victim

Unfortunately it seems that another RP sim that a couple of my alts play in is becoming yet another case of Too Much Serious.

One of the fun things about playing as Petal is that I get to do a lot of the fun things that I either didn’t get to do as a kid, or can’t get away with doing as an adult. And, that school is a fun, social place; rather than a mandatory, stifling place where you’re required to do the necessary work or your life is DOOMED FOR ETERNITY.

Role-play school isn’t like RL school. In RP school, if you don’t do your homework, oh well. You can pretend you did. There are no real grades, no permanent record, no parent-teacher conferences, none of that stressful stuff. Just the good parts. And when I do have time to log on and play as Petal, if RP school is in session, I gladly go.

But imagine my disappointment when an announcement went around recently reminding students that they are required to go to school. Required? Excuse me? First off, RL always comes first. That’s why it’s called Second Life. And when I am on SL, Mistletoe and/or Clover (both are pretty much tied for “main” status these days) and their businesses and commitments come next. Then, if I feel like playing as Petal, I will; if I don’t wish to or don’t have time to, I won’t. I won’t have a group announcement telling me that 3 times a week for 2 hours, I have to drop everything to participate in RP. Remember what the P stands for, people. You want to kick Petal out of your group for that? You go right on ahead.

And if that were not enough, another announcement went out to the group stating that due to drama (their words not mine), no new people are allowed to move into town until further notice (i.e. when the admin calms the hell down I suppose). Now, if you have a shop in a town and you get an announcement like that, it tells you a few things. First, that there is drama going on. The admin chose to make private drama public, and I think most if not all of the populace would have been just fine with being none the wiser. Secondly, to a merchant, it says, “Hope you weren’t planning on any revenue!” Having fresh new faces to show your product to is an important part of keeping shop in SL. Finally, it has an overall tone of “some people are allowed here, others aren’t” that I want no part of.

So removing Clover’s branch shop was an easy decision to make, and a quick one to execute. I’d rather pay rent for a branch location where I feel wanted and welcomed than have free shop space in a place where I don’t.

So yes, another victim of Too Much Serious. When that starts to infect a RP area, in my opinion, it’s the Kiss of Death. Too bad really.




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