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A map, I made one.

Just a little bit of daydreaming:

Click to see full size.

Also, I’ve got to brag a bit, I’ve made my first ever prim hair! Not half bad if I do say so myself. Don’t be holding your breath for a wide selection of hair from the shop. I’ll have maybe 2 styles for women and 2 for men.

I got sculpt maps for hats and boots. Last night I made a “Hoss” type hat and a “Gabby Hayes” type hat. Will shoot and add soon.

I’m thinking of doing a regular “field trip” day for my friends who want to check the new place out and stuff, but I don’t wish to share the date and time publicly, as there are individuals I don’t want following me around there. I’ll contact you in IM.

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Fairness and Building Bugs

I cashed out my Second Life’s savings the other day, and got just a bit over $80 USD into PayPal from it. That’ll pay our Internet bill. That means, by the way, that I’m one of the apparently rare few who got more money out of SL than I put into it. Probably not a lot in the long run, but, I figure I pumped about $60 (all told) into purchasing Ls or getting a Premium membership. So, while a $20 profit in a year and a half’s time doesn’t sound like very much, it’s still a positive number.

So what the hell am I complaining about, right? I mean, I made money from this, what the hell right do I have to feel entitled to “getting what I pay for” when really I’m the one who’s been paid?

The fact is, just because I’m not the one being screwed by new policy changes, doesn’t make it any the more fair. I think implementing changes for the express purpose of making more money, and then telling the people you rob that it’s for their own good is–call me kooky–less than fair.

Because of this, I sincerely believe that I made the right decision in leaving. I really feel like where I’ve moved to has a greater sense of community (when we introverts talk to each other…) and that my varied interests and talents are appreciated rather than exploited. There are people who agree with the new XStreet “roadmap”; they have their reasons, but I fail to understand what they could be. Many have bought into the idea that freebies and cheapies must be crap-quality products and that getting rid of them will “clean up the clutter” in the marketplace. What I see more likely happening is overpriced crap-quality products, and a search feature that’s every bit as cluttered and useless as before.

Now. I heard second-hand that the Lab is “no longer taking feedback” about it, though I haven’t been able to confirm it. If it’s true, it further illustrates my disgust. If you’re going to make money from someone else’s work, I should hope you would always be available to listen to what they have to say about it.

At any rate. I don’t doubt for a moment that I made the right decision in packing up my toys and leaving the playground. But I will admit that sometimes it’s lonely and frustrating standing behind said decision. I really really REALLY hope that this new viewer will enable me to edit prim objects on my person without bouncing all over creation every minor adjustment I made (though I found the workaround: sit on a poseball and it’s less likely to happen). I hope that someone can friend me when I’m offline, I can “accept” it later when I log on, and then we’ll really BE on each other’s friend list. I hope that I can make announcements to my group. I hope people can JOIN my group without my having to invite them. I hope that when I edit linked prims the edits “take”; I hope that when I unlink a single prim, the whole multi-prim structure doesn’t come unlinked. I hope I can delete things and they stay deleted. I hope it becomes more user-friendly to new folks, because I want my friends to come and visit me.

But. I guess the Right Thing is often not the easy or comfortable thing.

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Message from Sakai:

We’ve been eagerly awaiting the new upgrade at OpenLife with bated breath. Today 3DX boss “Sakai OpenLife” made the following post:

Just a small notice here. Regarding possible delays.

3DX has been moving office this week. We have planned this to have as little impact as possible on the Openlife Virtual World and appreciate everyones support & patience.

However a noticeable delay will be incurred between this posting and tommorrow evening whilst communications are switched between the new and the old office.

This will affect credits approvals & new region orders, with a likely delay of up to 24hrs on any orders. With the move being well planned we will be all in order for a great weekend as usual & a new region server update planned for next Friday.

Two of the biggest changes in the works are Viewer R17 (for both PC and Mac) and a new server. The new viewer will have a bunch of bug fixes and a more intuitive interface. The new server says it will enable goods saved from SL via Second Inventory to be uploaded into OL. That’s right: moving your inventory from one to the other. It will also be the start of being able to sell Credits, I do believe, for landowners.

So this means that OL is going to become a little more friendly to new users in a few days. This is a very very good thing.

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It’s now official…

I have made my first sales from my shop yesterday at OpenLife.

I’m now officially an OpenLife merchant.

Wish there were more hours in the day, there’s so much I want to make and add at the shop, but it’s just going to have to wait, due to the limitations of time and space. Some days I wish I could replicate myself 7 times over in RL…

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You know what this frontier needs?

In most situations, both RL and virtual, the merchants follow the consumers.

It’s different in OL. Here we’re almost all pioneerin’ sorts: we build, we create, we script, we innovate, we lead. Problem is, there are many more leaders than followers. Many many more creators than consumers. Creators generally don’t buy from other creators what they can make by themselves. So we find ourselves in the unique position of waiting for the consumers to follow the market, instead of the other way around.

I will say, however, that I’ve noticed that while many freebies are given away and there’s an overall feeling of “share the wealth”, it isn’t a forced system or one of entitlement. You’re not looked upon with disdain for selling what you make; in fact you’re respected for it and others even look out for you. Thing is, respect doesn’t pay the rent.

This frontier still isn’t the friendliest to newcomers. It’s not that the people aren’t. Quite the contrary. The people are extremely helpful and generous… when you can find any. Most of us are in our workshops and skyboxes, hammering away at our next project, when we’re in OL, and the place is pretty sparsely populated as a rule. OL isn’t friendly to newcomers because it’s new and green and has its share of bugs. Your legs disappear one moment. You’re bouncing across the room involuntarily the next. I suppose if you’re busy building and innovating, you don’t worry about it as much because you’re busy building. But if you’re not there to build–if you’re there to meet and explore and spend–it’s a right royal pain in the ass sometimes.

So, all things in their time, I suppose. I do believe that in time consumers will trickle in with Credits burning holes in their slider-clothing pockets. Until then, we just keep building and creating and innovating and leading, so that when they do come, they’ll come to something amazing.

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There’s a word for it all right.

Flouncing is the ancient art of leaving a board, community, blog or Internet forum in the most dramatic way possible.
Whereas normal people who are fed up with a discussion or debate simply leave, flouncers need eternal validation. Instead of simply logging off, they must announce that they are leaving. Flouncing usually occurs when a wanker realizes that other people on the planet hold differing views.

I was more than a little stunned to see a Tweet today, saying “Wow, there’s a word for this:” and a link to the definition of the word “flounce” (partly quoted above) in the Fandom Wank Wiki. I have reason to suspect it’s in response to the numerous “Fuck this, I’m leaving” posts (of which there is a growing number) made at the SecondLife blogs; after all, the Tweet was made by a Linden. But what stunned me was that it came from the one Linden I really admire, the one known for his kind-hearted patience, proactive manner, and not taking things personally. I mean I know the guy is only human, but still. It caught me off-guard.

People have a right to be pissed off and frustrated. I know I am. I know lots of people are. To reduce the frustration and the expression of it to a mere Fandom Wank term is like saying we don’t have the right to be angry, that only “wankers” would do something like this.

Many of us feel like we’ve been ignored or disregarded for a long time, and when we reach the point to where we shout “GOD DAMN IT YOU’RE NOT LISTENING TO ME! I GIVE UP!” it’s insult to injury to be waved off as less than valid. I for one try to limit my frustrations to my own blog (this one here with my name at the top) but it’s to be expected that people will not necessarily do the same themselves.

To think that people don’t have the right to be frustrated or to express it because they have no reason? There’s a word for that too.

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Don’t know if you’ve seen it yet…

But I’ve decided to make a blog for my OL shop after all.

Looks like I picked the right time to get the hell out of Dodge*. I’d made this decision before the XStreet “roadmap” was announced; this just confirms that it’s the right time.

*I got a million of ’em. Hope you’re not sick of them yet.

Preparations are underway for the Farewell party at the Cat And Dog. On 12/2 at 1PM SLT, Funky Feats will join us for a last dance for 2 hours. Then at 4PM SLT, Cat Agus Cu will perform a farewell show. We may, after that, have a DJ’ed “hoedown” in honor of the new frontier I’m moving to, depending on if the DJ is available. So if you have cowboy/western/pioneer type clothes, you’re encouraged to dress up in them for the occasion.

I followed himself’s advice and cashed out most of my Ls now, before the end of the month. Just over $80 USD worth so far. Not half bad.