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No Day Off For You

I want soooo badly to not do any SL today, with the possible exception of design work on Photoshop which can be uploaded tomorrow. I want a day off from the drama, from the obligations, from having to do or be anything for anybody but myself.

But that is not to be, not today.

Clover has rent and ad money due (although I could just as easily wait until Monday morning to pay that). And Mistletoe’s been scheduled to set off fireworks today at 4 SLT. Yesterday Mistletoe had fireworks at the same time as an alt had a gig, so I was literally in two places at once. I don’t blame those who scheduled me; I blame myself for not saying “no”.

I really wish that the employees of the pub could orient/train themselves, and not have any technical difficulties ever. Of course that’s a ridiculously unrealistic thing to expect. I don’t expect it. I just wish is all.

I also wish I would stop doing this shit to myself. I feel right now like I’m not only in over my own head, I’m dragging folks with me.