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The most read post of all?!

I’m coming up on 350 blog posts in this blog (that doesn’t count the Cat And Dog blog, Clover’s Kitchen, or any number of other blogs I keep). Most of what I write here (I like to think) includes Articles of Substance. Sure, I pop in the occasional one- or two-liner and call it a day, but for the most part I like to think that I put thought into what I have to say.

Looking at my stats, one post in particular gets far and away more attention than any other thing I’ve ever written here. Some days, in fact, I dare say it gets double and even triple the hits of any other post.

So, what is this amazing hit-getter? Is it one of my series of articles on RPing? Is it the humorous post about talking tummies? Is it one or more of the controversial posts on slavery, or on the business of music in SL, or child avatars? Could it be the useful guide on running a successful in-world business? Perhaps it’s a deeply emotional post, or a sarcasm-laden rant. Or maybe the article on faking death on the internet, written in the wake of Rheta Shan’s “passing”.

The answer is: none of the above. No, even more interesting than all of these is one blog post that people just can’t get enough of:

The fucking houppelandes.


Of the several things that I’ll live to be a thousand and still not get, this one is the biggest mystery of them all. What the hell is so interesting about these dresses? I’ve discontinued my entire XStreet stock (after something else I’ll rant about another time… growl…), including these. Hell, I don’t even really care for how they came out. Of my latter “flowy” garments, this is easily my least favorite (but then I’ve always prefered the earlier-period simplicity of kirtles to the conspicuous consumption era of the 15th Century). And yet…

Well, whether you’re here to read about commerce, or RPing, or me pissing and moaning again, or ugly 15th-century dresses, I’m glad you’re here to read and think and share your opinion. Enjoy.




3 thoughts on “The most read post of all?!

  1. Well, they’re not horrible… I would have bought one! there must be a market for something called houpplande. Maybe you can has European costumery geek fans?

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