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To Virtual Ships; may the real ones come in close behind them.

It may be a spike. It may be another SL “bender” obsession. Whatever it is, I’m toying around with the idea of a small SL kids’ business. Skins, clothes, stuff like that. PJ came up with a brilliant name, and it led me to design a brilliant logo, and I’m not going to reveal either one yet. I want to ponder how I want to approach this.

Also, Clover may be expanding some more very soon. People love her rideable donkey cart and have been asking for one of their own; well, before very long, the very thing will be available. I should really put this in HER blog, lol, but be on the lookout soon for Clover Farms, a subdivision of Clover’s Kitchen.

Also also, my good friend ithi Teixeira has been working on getting her own enterprises started up and off the ground. This week will be the grand opening of the SP Super Bowl, a bowling alley with an arcade and snack bar, right next to her two shops: Ithi Arts (which is cool fractal artwork) and Wear Out Loud, which is clothing featuring her own artwork in its design.

So, here’s to virtual ships starting to come in. May their RL equivalent be close behind.