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Dear Neighbor,

Dear Neighbor,

I want you–and your business(es)–to succeed, and not just because your parcel is adjacent to my own; but also because you’re a decent fellow and you should do well. It is because of this that I’m offering my opinions and unsolicited advice. Mind you, they are strictly that; you may take or leave what I have to say as you like without worrying about it offending me.

I know you’re concerned about your market being empty, so some friends and I had a look to see what we could see. One such friend is relatively new to SL–about 2 months, if that–and she was able to tell that you were reselling items that are offered elsewhere as freebies (the hair, for example). While it is indeed free enterprise, and you can do so if you choose, one cannot argue with results: consumers not only will refuse pay for what they can easily find for free, but will also avoid like the plague any place that attempts to get them to do so.

Good Neighbor, you put a lot of work and love into your parcels. You want other people to come and enjoy your work, and you want them to spend their money so that you can afford to keep those parcels. This evening I noticed Zyngo machines by one of your shop fronts. Neighbor, neighbor, this is no way to attract people OR to make revenue. I’m of the opinion that Zyngo, like the lottery IRL, is a tax on the poor and ignorant. You don’t want the poor and ignorant; they can’t afford your products, for one thing. I would think that you want to attract people who have money to spend, and can appreciate quality enough to be willing to spend decent amounts of lindens. Zyngo attracts only the mediocre; you have the potential to bring the awesome.

To do that, your shops need to contain awesome items. Items that people don’t see at every single other mall on the grid. Maybe items from new builders who have a product to share but no medium to share it with yet. Maybe resale items to fill in the gaps. Items that people will step outside my pub to browse at and be excited to tell their friends about. So I suggest you go on a quest to find awesomeness. If you need some ideas as to where to begin, ask me. I have several friends who are wanting to start building items and sell them but are not sure how to begin. I have others who make awesome things but sell themselves short by not having an in-world place for them. You can provide these things. Seek the awesome, and you will bring the awesome, and your mall will be awesome.

Again, this is merely the opinion of a nosy neighbor, and you can regard or disregard it however you see fit. Whatever the case, I’m glad you’re my neighbor and I wish you all the best success.