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Talk like a child, not like an idiot.

I do belive I’ve gotten to the bottom of what it is about some child avatars (not all, but definitely some) that drives me bonkers. It’s the speech. It’s not so much the affectation of the way I talk to my cat when I’m half-awake; it’s how badly it’s done.

Here’s just one example. One day I went into a public place and there was a little girl avatar there who greeted me by saying, “Hebbo.” Who the hell says “hebbo”?! I admit I’m not a parent (I’m an aunt of 10, however, of a wide variety of ages) nor am I in child care for a living (though I was a mentor of developmentally disabled kids while in high school), but I have never heard any child replace “L” sounds with “B” sounds.

I think when people with child avatars pour on the baby-talk thick and heavy, they believe that if they don’t, we’ll forget that they’re kids. The fact that you come up to chest-height on me and have a pacifier (still? At your age? Do your parents WANT you to have horrible teeth?) REALLY is sufficient reminder, thanks.
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