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The Cat And Dog

One of the things I kind of fantasize about is having a little stone-walled Irish neighborhood pub nearby, where I can put up my feet and unwind at the end of the day. And SL is nothing if not a medium for fantasy fulfillment, and so I bring you The Cat And Dog. It’s just as I say: a small, stone-walled neighborhood pub where you can relax, watch TV, listen to Irish music, have a pint, dance… whatever tickles your fancy. I’m even planning Tuesday afternoon seisuns; and down the line, live performances and DJ events. It’ll be a while before you hear the “house band” however, as himself sprained his thumb and possibly his elbow as well. But in the meantime, the pub is always open. Come meet Bridget the bartender (who is thrilled to be working for me again!) and enjoy!



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