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Farewell letter

My dearly loved people of Northfarthing,

It’s after some painful soul-searching and deliberating that I’ve finally come to the decision to move out of Northfarthing. This was an extremely difficult decision; Northfarthing was my very first ever home in SL and has been for over a year now. Please do not think that I have any hard feelings or ill will toward anyone in NF, because I absolutely do not. This is something I’ve gone back and forth with for some time now, and now I realize it’s what’s best.

I’ve found some new land to call my own, where Clover’s Kitchen will build its new large main store and my family (ok, multiple personalities) and I will call home. I’m also making a wee little Irish pub I plan to call the Cat and Dog. I’m always an IM away, wherever my pixellated feet may take me.

And know that just because I’m moving away doesn’t mean I’m leaving for good. I don’t wish any bridges to be burned; as I said, I have zero ill will. There’s a portion of my heart that I’ll never get back again, because it will always be in Northfarthing. So I plan to come around and tend to it when I can. 😉 And, I hope sometime you’ll come and visit me as well!

Amysthand nuld nawonana chrahi wish – the limbs of my heart enfold you, now and always.



One thought on “Farewell letter

  1. Wow, this really must have been truly agonizing for you to decide. I know how much Northfarthing has meant to you.

    But! Best best best wishes on the new place and new opportunities ❤ and people who know you well enough know that you're only that IM away.

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