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Just in case you haven’t been bombarded enough…

So, had it with those pain-in-the-ass ads yet? You know, the ones with the huge-breasted princess giving you a nice view up her even huger nostrils, while saying “Play Now, My Lord”?

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What few people have been suckered by these ads, quickly discovered that they are a textbook bait-and-switch. The game itself is little more than a Civilization clone. No helpless-looking royalty with blades to their throats. No lingerie models in modern dresses begging you to ravage… the land.

But just when you think you’re safe…

oh good lord no
this (right) comes along.

Yes, it’s a clone of a clone. Another Civ-clone RPG that wants a piece of the pie that Evony appears to be getting.

Enough is enough. Between the rampant sexism (it’s 2009, folks, and women DO play online games too…), the misrepresentation, and just being shown to death every damn website I click on, I’ve got to believe that your onslaught of advertising is starting to work against you. I know, they say that there’s no such thing as negative advertising. You wanna bet?

“Most played web game” by whom? I’ve never even heard of it until today. I’m not exactly claiming to have my finger on the pulse of the online gaming world, but still. I’d bet you it’s the same thing as before: just another clone. You’d probably be hard-pressed to tell the one from the other. You can put lingerie models all over ads for a crap game, but it’s still a crap game (I’m not saying Civ itself is crap; but it is a bit outdated and has evolved in the 10-15 years since its inception).




2 thoughts on “Just in case you haven’t been bombarded enough…

  1. Play the most realistic game on the web! Yes, friends, it’s LIFE STINKS… the game that mimics Real Life to a tee, where nothing goes right and everybody are fat, lazy and miserable. Oh, wait a minute, that’s RLAmerica… where the men look like Dick Cheney, the women are bitchy, and all the kids are in prison! Brought to you by the folks that brought you Help GWB Find Saddam Hussein’s Weapons of Mass Destruction, winner of the Pull It, Sir Award for Pointlessness (is that a real word? Who gives a rip?)
    P.S. The friends that helped me write this wish to deny all knowledge of anything in this comment. For further information, Google Stick It Up Your Stovepipe.

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