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No outpouring? Good.

I’ve gotten a handful of really thoughtful IMs from folks who have enjoyed Cat Agus Cu over the months, mostly expressing sadness that we’re retiring from playing in SL but simultaneously expressing sympathy for our doing so.

Part of my ego was hoping for an outpouring of outrage and gnashing of teeth at our decision, but the truth is I prefer this. We have a handful of really devoted and appreciative fans, who see us as people and not as a product, and that’s truly a thing to be thankful for.

It’s also a confirmation that we made the right decision.

Now just for the record, the band itself is not dissolving. Someone asked if we might ever play in SL just for fun, and I can’t predict the future so I said it’s not outside the realm of possibility. We’re also talking about putting a little something together in the way of a recording for Christmas, but haven’t committed to it.

Also, a friend asked why I didn’t make an announcement yet that I’m cancelling plans for the fall festival. It’s because I never made an announcement that there’s going to BE one, except to a group that doesn’t even exist anymore. Furthermore there can be a fall festival. Someone else just has to make it happen is all; I’ve burned bright and vivid and then burnt out, like the fireworks we just got. I’m still convinced the grid will NOT spin off its axis for my having done so.



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