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FAIL (or, how to lose customers and negatively influence people)

I’m likely going to name names. If not of people, then at least of businesses.

Having heard about kid avatar bots* on the Milk n’ Kookies show, I sent Clover to go and have a look at the shop carrying them. What Clo didn’t realize was that while she was there, she was added to some mailing list belonging to the owner of the shop. Not asked, just added. For the past several days, Clo received IMs and notecards from this individual for things that had zero to do with anything she had any interest in.

Today, upon logging on, Clover gets a message with a link about a sale at a shop into which she’d never even set foot. I was furious. First thing I did was mute the bot that sent it to her/me, a name I did not recognize. Then, reluctantly, I followed the SLurl given to unsubscribe.

Immediately upon arrival, I got a message that I’d been automatically added to their group AGAIN. AND, I got a random popup IM from a bot telling me so. I blew up at the bot, asking why the hell they don’t ASK people if they want to join their group first and give them a choice. Once the place rezzed in (all the while I’m thinking “I’m boosting this bitch’s traffic while I’m waiting…”) I found the “click here to join or leave our group” sign. As soon as I clicked it, I saw the owner’s name: the same owner of the business I first set foot in days ago–the one I had no interest in and left.

Once I was sure I left the group, I went home and muted the owner herself.

So, not only did this person lose a customer from TWO of her businesses, she got aforesaid lost customer so pissed that now I’m telling everyone not to shop at either of her businesses. I’m sure you can figure out by context of whom I’m speaking, but just to make sure: if you don’t want to get spammed, make sure you don’t shop at Kid Botz or Mayhem. Thanks and have a nice day.

I don’t feel so bad about my LM giver anymore. At least you have the choice to decline the LM, and it remembers you so it doesn’t offer again (unless it’s been reset) the next time you come by.

* As one friend put it: “Tired of having child avatars rob you of your money? Have us do it instead!”

This article is listed in the SL Business section of the Know-it-All Pages, where you can find even more useful information. Go now, and see for yourself!




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