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Blowing stuff up… artfully

In my RL, I’m terrified of explosions. When I light the camp stove, I just envision in my mind the one time I might turn it off the wrong way and the cyllinder blows up in my face. At our old apartment, I never dared to light the pilot on the gas stove.

But in SL, where nobody gets horribly injured or killed by such things, I gotta say, explosions are cool. The town just recently got (by way of our Entertainment Fund) the super-deluxe-elite-mega-ultra fireworks set (not its real name) from DeCuir Creations.

It is the COOLEST.

I’ve never experienced inworld stress relief quite like it. You get dozens of possible blast styles to choose from; some resembling RL, others completely fantastic, and you can program the launchers (via a HUD) to set off a show that you choreograph yourself. We even got custom text and images!

I’ve spent hours playing with it, and doing test-firings of the sequences I create, without causing lag to the sim.

Can’t wait to put on a fireworks show this weekend!




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