Posted in September 2009

Catch-up Stuff

In the past week or two, I’ve found myself having more fun and feeling like I have more purpose in SL than I have in a long time. And, I feel that obsessive emotional addiction loosening its grip on me. I’m certainly not out of its clutches by a long shot but I feel more … Continue reading

Bigger? No. Better? I hope so.

I’m getting settled in well on my new parcel of land. In fact I’ve been on SL more in the past week than I have in ages, and genuinely enjoying my time spent there. I have seen just how fast prims will gang up on you though, heh, and I’m sacrificing an actual residence for … Continue reading

The Cat And Dog

One of the things I kind of fantasize about is having a little stone-walled Irish neighborhood pub nearby, where I can put up my feet and unwind at the end of the day. And SL is nothing if not a medium for fantasy fulfillment, and so I bring you The Cat And Dog. It’s just … Continue reading

Tell me

I don’t know when it happened Can’t put my finger at the start But by and by it got to where I’d let you in my heart Maybe that first and only time your lips had met with mine And now today I burn inside Every time we part It seemed so very simple I … Continue reading

Post, Interrupted

Fucking hell, could I be a bit more emo lately? I must be a real delight to read. I’m sure you all just delight in my talking like I’m the first person to ever go through an emotional rough spot. Yeah, I know, the joke is old already. So I’m going to talk about some … Continue reading

Farewell letter

My dearly loved people of Northfarthing, It’s after some painful soul-searching and deliberating that I’ve finally come to the decision to move out of Northfarthing. This was an extremely difficult decision; Northfarthing was my very first ever home in SL and has been for over a year now. Please do not think that I have … Continue reading

The Human Side of the Elf

For as long as I’ve been in SL, I’ve been an elf. I couldn’t just spell out why I made that decision, just that it’s what I’ve always been and what I’ve always felt like being. This evening, I let a couple people see a more human side. I’ve said before, the hardest thing for … Continue reading

Just in case you haven’t been bombarded enough…

So, had it with those pain-in-the-ass ads yet? You know, the ones with the huge-breasted princess giving you a nice view up her even huger nostrils, while saying “Play Now, My Lord”? see more Funny Graphs Chart from GraphJam, made by “frankensteiner”. What few people have been suckered by these ads, quickly discovered that they … Continue reading

Just a quickie…

I often get a kick out of what people enter for Search terms in order to find my blog. One today was “Elven truth and myth”. Guys? It’s all myth.