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Someone actually thought this was a good idea.


No, that isn’t a sculpted prim that just hasn’t rezzed yet.



Now, I’ve got to ask: why?! I’m not gonna say “she” should change “her” body shape or avatar in anyway; a person’s got the right to make their avatar look however they want. Your world, your imagination, I’m hip.

But I can’t help being curious as to the motivation behind it. If you’re a guy pretending to be a woman (which one can’t help suspecting, with a form like that), is that the kind of woman you wish you could be with? Tiny head, breasts so ridiculously huge you can’t get your arms around them (unless of course you do what this person did and made “her” arms ridiculously long)? Is that all you see a person of the opposite gender as being? Tits? Mammary glands and fat?


Someone (I don’t know who) once said, “I don’t like women because they have breasts attached; I like breasts because they have women attached!” Fleshy bags of fat mean nothing; it’s the person behind them that really matters. Tits McGee up here has a thing or two to learn.

I’ll close with a little ditty “Archimides” started singing while he read over my shoulder:
“Thanks for the mammaries
For big gigantic tits
on which three guys could sit
And just the sight of them
Throws me into violent fits…”




4 thoughts on “Really?!

  1. I’ve seen the gianormous prim tits before… but this… holy shit, step away from the frigging stretch tool, dude. (and I say dude because it has to be a guy. lol)

  2. Whoever thinks this is a good idea obviously never had to wear them. Thankfully I am not so endowed, but I could write a book from all the horror stories I’ve heard from my friends. Question: is breast enhancement the same as the male enhancement you see on TV? If so, there would be a pill we women could take . . . and what would we get? Why, a sack full of neck and back pain, and a never-ending search for a bra that fits. Give Smiling Bob a swift kick in his male enhancement for me, will you?

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