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Grouchy Old Elf just wants to build kthx.

Second Life group chat (in particular, the Free Script and Free Texture libraries… or really any builders’/scripters’ group) needs an equivalent to this site (I just entered my own name as a sample of how it can be used).

Every time someone comes on group chat with ridiculous or incomprehensible request, there should be some kind of LM we can give that sends them to the equivalent of LMGTFY.

“O HAI – Can someone please give me the scripts for a motorcycle with a working combustion engine and speedometer and odometer that also rezzes sex poseballs by way of a list and works in no-script zones where you can’t rez stuff?”
(30 seconds later)

Give them the LM.

“I’m wanting to buy a (vaguely described item) like the one across the sim from me, but I can’t edit and check the creator’s name on this one because I don’t want them to think I’m cheating at RP.* So instead could one of you strangers in the group enter a search and find out what and where this (vaguely described item) is?

Have an LM.

“Can someone give me a script that I could easily find on the first floor of the library of which I am a group member?”

Nice juicy LM.

“Will someone give me the textures for the entire Kama Sutra, full perms plz?”

LM goodness. Or rather, Downward-Facing LM.


Banning, and an LM.

“Hay will someone build my entire new sim for free plz? Keep it under 500 prims.”
(30 seconds)
(30 more seconds)
“God this group is no help at all. You all suck.”

Entertaining though you may be, have a LM.

“hi im new can i hav 10L plz?”

Beating, then muting, then banning, the LM’s too good for you.

(and NOTHING else until prompted)

Hi. Have a LM. Bye.

I’m telling you guys, I think I’m onto something here. It could lead to a kind of LM rickroll.

*I couldn’t make this up if I tried.




One thought on “Grouchy Old Elf just wants to build kthx.

  1. I’m not making these up, and these are the ones not too disgusting to print:
    “Oh, you’re writing a book on SL! Write a chapter on:
    <How SL ruined my marriage.
    <The joys and benefits of being a Pony Girl.
    <These dirty scum sucking pig seducers that are pissing me off, here are their names {DELETE DELETE DELETE}
    <My sim, it's the only one on SL that has any class at all, the rest are wastes of space {NAME WITHHELD}
    <Cool! Be my friend and let's have cyber sex. {I get one of these every three days or so.}
    <I'm a writer too! Want to meet in RL? {Seven of this one so far.}

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