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Busy day!

This afternoon I had the honor of fencing the (at time of writing) number one ranked fencer on the grid (least so he told me, and I have no reason not to believe him). He happened to be at the EnGarde website, saw Northfathing’s little weekly practice in progress, and popped in. I got one touch in, got one round by position, but otherwise got the stuffing beaten out of me.

We got a couple new Cadets, and promoted one existing Cadet to Scholar. Then I got whisked away to a lovely location to witness PJ & Bulldog’s SL wedding (got pictures; will upload when I’m not on my iPod). Beautiful ceremony. Then a handful of us all went to PJ & Bull’s place where himself and I played a private show just for the happy couple and guests.

I was introduced to a friend’s new adoptee, a neko-ling avatar with a new one on me: a talking injury. A broken arm more specifically. Now, I know I’m gonna sound like Grouchy Old Elf when I say this. But if you can make believe that you’re a 6-year-old human/feline hybrid, can you not also pretend your arm is broken? Do you really need a talking transparent prim to do it for you? Come on.

After our set, himself and I logged off to have some dinner. Later I logged Clover on and spent the rest of the evening building. Got a huge project underway.

So yes, fun, full, busy day.




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