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I figured it out!

I totally figured out where there are so few kid avatars in medieval/fantasy RP sims. Stay with me on this.

From <i>The Noob</b>, by Gianna Masetti
From The Noob, by Gianna Masetti

Read 99% of the backstories of RPers. Almost all of them are orphans. Their parents were killed by orcs, their parents were kidnapped and tortured to death by the enemy army, their parents were killed who-knows-how many ways and now they’re out for revenge. It leads one to the natural conclusion that having children must be a death sentence. Like falling in love with a Cartwright (WARNING! TVTropes Link!). So no wonder so many RPers are practicing whatever form of birth control they are!

It all makes sense now!




3 thoughts on “I figured it out!

  1. That’s pretty good. Is that what roleplayers are really like? I was thinking of trying it for the sake of my book, but now I don’t know.
    P.S. Come on, Shae—get your ass in gear and work on the damned book. Maybe doing it as a cartoon might be an option, I have a program that does that.

  2. Generally speaking, it’s more what new roleplayers are like. They fall into the trap of thinking that it’s easier to just have no family to deal with at all so they “kill them off” in the backstory. Never mind that most of the time, a backstory doesn’t even come up.

    If you’re interested in trying out RPing, have a look at a series of articles I have here in my blog called “So You Think You Can’t RP“. You may find it useful.

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