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Rhetorical Questions

Nobody ever asks a furry if they’re really a cat or dog or fox in RL. Why do people wonder if child avatars are children in RL?

Nobody assumes a person has a dragon avatar for sexual purposes. Why do people assume this about people with child avatars?

Nobody appears to be creeped out by the fact that I’m a grown human adult in RL, playing an elf in SL. Why do they get creeped out about a grown adult playing a child in SL?

Shops carry items for vampires, nekos, furries, dragons, aliens, tinies, and all manner of other types of avatars without the fear of attracting customers with devious intentions. Why then do they have such a fear of carrying items for child avatars?

Who is really more creepy: the person who chooses to have a child avatar and pretend to be a kid, or the person who automatically assumes that they must be doing something sexual?

Why is the latter (in the previous question) the one being catered to?




3 thoughts on “Rhetorical Questions

  1. Very good questions.
    I’ve still got making a child shape on the top of my sl to-do list. Did I mention that Bare Rose is starting to sell child sized clothes? Yeah. We may be starting to see a trend here.


  2. You suggested making child avatars with underwear already in place, but what’s to keep someone from just putting a nude skin on it? There’s a way around everything on earth, even stupid politicians (just step on them and walk on). No matter how careful one is, people will do what people will do. Does that make sense? It’s awfully late for me to be philosophizing.

    1. Actually I wasn’t the one who suggested it, Corinda was. I did say that I didn’t think it was going to stop pervy people from being pervy, only that it might relieve the skin maker of some potential liability. I had said essentially what you just did, that people are going to do what they want to do regardless.

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