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Medieval/Fantasy Kid Avatars? *Heads Explode*

I am thinking I want to make things for kid avatars.

This one’s really going to boggle people’s minds I’m sure. In a world where more people question the will to be a kid than the will to be a slave, the idea of kids in a medieval/fantasy RP type setting is sure to set a few cerebral cortexes to critical mass.

A few years ago when I was flipping through the dials, I saw one movie version or another of Beowulf. Goodness knows there are tons, none of them that good (some more tolerable than others), so I’ve no idea which one it was or even how true to the original work it is. In the scene I was watching, Beowulf and his men arrive at a village and realize that something is amiss when they discover that there are no children in the village. None. It’s an eyebrow-raiser, even in an epic violent saga, for there to be no children in a medieval society (or for that matter in any society, but what we’re talking about now is this particular type setting).

The Seven Isles sims, bless ’em, have a kids’ group. THIS IS ME SHOUTING OUT TO YOU. You guys rule. I gotta remember to get Petal’s paperwork out to you folks. I gotta remember to pick up paperwork to do up, heh.

So. I want to make some medieval/fantasy kids’ garb. And skins (if nobody else will do it, damn it, *I* will!). And Stuff. I’ll add them at my leisure at XStreet.

As it stands now, one lonely (and increasingly bored) young ‘un lives in Nortfarthing. It’s a start.



5 thoughts on “Medieval/Fantasy Kid Avatars? *Heads Explode*

  1. I’d like to support you in making stuff for kid avatars. I’ve been thinking about making kid shapes. BTW, Babbage has an urchins group.

  2. What did kids wear in the 1600s? I can’t remember seeing any kids in movies about Robin Hood or The Court Jester either. The only kid I do recall from a historical film was Jim Hawkins (pronounced Aarkins) and he wore the same things the adults wore, only with less lace. I’ll be very interested to see what you come up with.

  3. (Corinda the temporarily computer-less here)

    “So. I want to make some medieval/fantasy kids’ garb. And skins (if nobody else will do it, damn it, *I* will!”

    Bless you! I still have Avry in a friggin Noob wood elf shirt, because that’s all I can really find thus far. I haven’t even started looking to see if there is more ancient historical clothing out there for kids, but I am thinking no.

    1. @Eacen (I mean, Corinda): Well hi! We were posting comments at the same time lol. The good thing about SL (non-prim) clothing is that it will fit on any body size. So for example the Man-At-Arms outfits such as this one would all fit him. I have a fatpack of tunics I ought to upload as well.

  4. Well, I’m basing this largely on my observations at SCA events and what “I read somewhere one time”, and also my area of limited expertise is pre-17th century. But as far as I’m aware, noble/rich kids wore dolled-up miniature versions of what adults wore (though perhaps sans corsets and stays).

    Portrait of Henry VIII with his children and his Jester.
    Another of Henry VIII and his kids.
    A Prince of Saxony, painted 1500.
    The Elder Princess of Saxony, painted 1500.
    Portrait of a Child Holding a Racket, painted 1585. Perhaps they wore laced-up bodices after all.

    In fact, the more I look, the more apparent it is that regardless of class, children wore pretty much what their parents wore.

    Peasant family, late 15th century.
    Extant garment: child’s wool dress, 11th century
    Giving bread to three boys, 1462 (see bottom right panel)

    Actually those tunics & chausses in the last one might be a good place for me to start, garbing-wise.

    But seeing how you were asking about the turn of the 17th century specifically, try this site for some examples.

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