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Quaddryl: Drowsy Autumn Twilight

Jul 17 09_008

When one first arrives at Quaddryl– or any of the Cairwynne Estate sims– one’s first impression may be, “So what is there to do/see here?” They soon become aware that the beauty of these sims (whether it be the rain-soaked loneliness of Crucible, or the forgotten secrets of Templum Ex Obscurum, or the drowsy late-afternoon beauty of Quaddryl) lies in their subtlety, in the interesting little touches here and there that just wait to be discovered.

Quaddryl has the feel of a late August/early September afternoon, in some secret grove and meadow unmarred by the busy hands of humankind. And yet, among its overgrown orchards, thick plume grass, and lazily floating dandelion fluff, occasional small touches of “civilization” appear.

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Jul 17 09_004
A few candles floating on a river, or a lantern of stylized vines and lotus blossoms near a clearing, blend in enough with the landscape enough to not be jarring; yet they stand out enough to make one wonder how they got there.

Jul 17 09_002
Many of the bridges have an ancient, forgotten feel to them; others seem more recent. Here I have a rest on a large mushroom beside one such bridge.

Jul 17 09_006
Wildlife appears scarce, but then maybe it’s just too timid to show itself, not being accustomed to people. This rabbit shows himself long enough for a picture however.

The light at Quaddryl appears to be permanently set at “sunset”, which is truly the best way to experience the sights and sounds of the sim. You get a real feeling of being near the end: the end of the day, the end of summer, even the end of youth (but then again I’m 314…).

Jul 17 09_007
A carved stone set in the summit of a hill made me think of the Stone of Tara, in Ireland, where once high kings stood to be crowned. It made me wonder what feet had walked here before mine.

Visible in the hazy skies were a few floating gazebos, suspended in mid-air above the central valley basin. They contained slow-dancing poseballs, making this a great place to bring a date. Even with my fear of heights, I felt secure surrounded by the wall and pillars of the gazebo.

Jul 17 09_009
From between the pillars of one such gazebo, I saw the distant rainy landscape of Crucible to the west.

Jul 17 09_005
So whether alone or with someone dear to your heart, try to find some quiet time to enjoy this peaceful, sleepy countryside. And definitely take a camera.




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