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Just Stuff

I think my addiction to SL is broken, and I think my interest in it is waning.

The only reason I logged on today was to talk and visit. I don’t need to be on SL to do that. I should find out how many of “my people” have Skype.

In other news: no Northfarthing Faire this August. This is for many reasons; chief among them is the fact that “Because we did one last year” is not a sufficient reason to do it this year. Another is that I don’t want to draw more people in. The hell with that. It’s just going to be more drama. Oh boy, let’s invite more drama. I think not.

I don’t know, I’m starting to ask myself more and more “Why do I do this?” and more and more the answer is something that can be had with another, less laggy, less memory- and time- consuming, less drama-laden medium.




3 thoughts on “Just Stuff

    1. I probably will not quit performing on SL. It’s one of the most joyful parts of SL for me in fact, and it’s done wonders for us as a band. It’s enabled us to really rehearse on a regular basis, build up a fan base, and help me with my stage fright (which while not cured is well on the mend). As long as there’s venues, we will keep playing.

  1. I’m so very glad to hear that. I’ll look forward to future shows. It seems strange to me that you suffer from stage fright, but I understand a lot of talented people do.

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