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I made an ox.

the ox_001

No, it’s not a euphemism for something. I really built an ox. He’s about 40 prims and will pull the prototype ox-cart I’d been working on.

the ox_002

He moos softly every 20-60 seconds, and if you walk up close to his head he lets out a good loud “MOOOOO!”

the ox_003

Not sure what to name him. Any ideas?




5 thoughts on “I made an ox.

  1. I’d considered Babe, as it would be a (distant) tribute to my Maine roots (Paul Bunyan was supposedly born in Bangor); but as you say, he’s not blue.

    Hillshire made me giggle. So did BullDorf.

  2. Ox Ford (or variation of same ).
    If you don’t like the shoe reference, HoofNagel. (Awful, I know).
    The Johnsonville Brat (ouch!)
    These were submitted by a friends eighth-grade son. There were two more, but they were deemed unacceptable for publication by his mother.

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