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I got yer “limits” right here…

I’ve been a gamer for many years. Good god I don’t even know how many. I was playing D&D in high school, which was a long time ago (I won’t say HOW long; let’s just say I remember when they added the A and made it AD&D). I’m well familiar with the concept of RPing, probably moreso than a lot of people who bandy the word about today. And not just in the medium of dice and paper; I RPed on MUDs on Telnet, on forums, in chat, and on MMO games long previous to SL.

And never once, in literally decades, did I have to put anything in the way of “RP limits” anywhere in my profile. In fact, I’ve been in SL for a year now, and I’ve gotten away with not having to put such foolishness in my profile.

Well, tomorrow we got a gig in a sim that caters to tastes other than my own. They insist that it’s not Gor, ok, whatever, but its copious rules do mention that women “may be captured” if they don’t put RP Limits in their profile. I think it’s ridiculous sexist bullshit. But, as Floyd said in Muppet Treasure Island: just play the gig, man, don’t get into the politics.

But, to clear up any possible ambiguity, I’ve added the following to the front page of my profile:

“RP limits” huh? How about this: lay one fucking hand on me without my consent and you’ll be sipping all your remaining meals through a straw. Sound like a plan?




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