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The D-Day Newsstand


This is a newsstand as it may have appeared on June 6th, 1944. Its newspapers, all dated the 6th, tell of the Allied invasion of Normandy and the beginning of the biggest amphibious military operation in history. The magazines feature General Eisenhower, Hedy Lamar, Ingrid Bergman, Roy Rogers, and print ads for cigarettes galore. Even the candy is in period-accurate wrappers: the Mr. Goodbars promote a “tasty lunch”. From the green Lucky Strike boxes to the carved ‘Kilroy was Here’ to the Christmas Holiday movie poster, no detail was overlooked in the making of this 46-prim, 5m wide stand.

Clicking anywhere on the newsstand will give you a notecard with a complete tour of the finer details. You will gain a whole new appreciation for this moment in history and its effect on the homefront when you visit this exhibition. Presented in loving dedication to all those brave people who put their lives on the line to protect the world from a growing threat; in particular, to my late grandfather, a veteran of Leyte and Okinawa, who passed away just this past winter at the age of 84.

Edit 6/3/09: The Newsstand is on display now near Hotlanta Blues. IM me (Mistletoe Ethaniel) or DonPaul Cale for information on how/where to see it.




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