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My Side Project: Vintage City Inc.


I know, you are probably thinking, “Side project? What the hell side has she got LEFT?!” I know I think it sometimes…

Building, for me, is a fun way to unwind. A bit like sitting with a sketchbook and just letting the ideas flow and see what happens. Well, my sister Clover and I have been building things for pre-1960s urban development, be it big things like buildings, or small things like park benches. Slowly our collection of goods is growing enough that we may soon have enough to resell.

Right now, the only place you can get Vintage City goods is from our vend-o-matic up in the shopping district near Hotlanta Blues, and they aren’t many. YET. Because this is both Clo’s and my on-the-side-just-for-fun project, I’m not going to begin to speculate as to when we’ll have more or what we’ll have next.

Actually, what we’ll have next is fairly certain. Tonight I started construction on a news stand, frozen in time on the morning of June 6, 1944. D-Day. I’ve been combing the intertubes for period magazine covers, newspapers, cigarette packs, and candy wrappers. This will be the single best-researched WWII newsstand… that I know of. LOL I won’t promise further until I know more what’s out there. Other future ideas for projects include (but are not limited to) a movie house, call-boxes, a corner shop, steaming “film noir” type manhole covers, movie posters, shop signage, and who knows what else. Like in my clothing business, I intend to do my homework and really get things as authentic and documented as possible, so that builders can have confidence that their city is that much more authentic.

Also, once the two of us have enough goods to really take it seriously, we’ll at least put our goods on XStreet, including affiliate vendors so others can rent shop space and resell the items (her latest addition, by the way, is this ice cream cart, which is also available by way of her own shop). We will probably not end up having a “main shop” location; some business in the real world exist only in cyberspace, and that’s probably how VCI will be.




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