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Pics from Today’s Concert

Today our fairegrounds were graced by the presence of Atheene Dodonpa, who performed songs from the Roma for an appreciative crowd. Pictures follow (click to see larger).

The sun just began to set and the torches on the stage flared to life when the concert began.

VIP seating, heh.

Archimides (seeing the picture): Who’s that guy sitting there?
Me: That’s DonPaul.
Archimides: He looks rather… *pause about 20 seconds* …drunk.
Me: (lols)





After the show, some people stayed around to explore the village (thanks for the plug Atheene!) and then Aruin DJed a Gypsy/Celtic/punk set.

It was a great time had by all, thanks everyone for helping to make it such a success!



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